The IMPALA mobile app

Automatic image RECOGNITION on your phone

Impala is the first app in the world that automatically sorts the photos on your phone. You do not have to manually label each and every one of them. Impala “looks” into your images and videos and recognizes what they area about.

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Video and Image recognition

Visual concept detection, as offered through Impala, is a completely new technology. In short, Impala “looks” into digital images and videos and recognizes what’s in. For instance, Impala can recognize cats, dogs, sunsets, handguns, text messages, and so on.

Furthermore, Impala can be trained to recognize anything, for instance cars. This is realized by feeding Impala thousands of examples of pictures of cars. The software then generalizes over what it “sees.” Impala will then recognize a car whether it is in shadow or not, whether the sky is blue or cloudy, whether the image is recorded from the left or from the right, whether the car is blue or red or black, or whether it is an old timer or brand new model.

Therefore, our technology allows for understanding the essence or concept of an image, just like the human brain does. It can sort images and video shots on the likelihood that a concept is present within each image. Our technology allows for image and video retrieval from large databases.

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Find illegal content


Impala enables law enforcement agencies to classify massive amounts of pictures in the shortest possible time frame. Why have people look at photographs to find child abuse when Impala tells you that there are no people present in the photo?

Why go through thousands of video clips when Impala tells you where the hotspots are? Simply jump directly to those videos that require your attention.

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social media platformS

improve photo moderation


The Internet is transforming at high speed from text into pictures and videos. Photos are flooding social media platforms. In yesterday’s world, people tweeted only text. Today, they tweet a picture and add tags like “Awesome” to it. This imposes a severe moderation task on any initiative that accepts user generated content at high volumes.

Impala helps you to moderate this type of content. And who knows, your ad revenue might increase when your content is clean…

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E-discovery vendors

classify visual content


Do you really want to have your team of lawyers struggle through hundreds of thousands of pictures to find that 90% of them are holiday photos or company logos from email signatures?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were technology that could efficiently sort these images for you? Try Impala. It classifies image and video files based on their actual content. It does so automatically, reliably, and at high speed.

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